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Pod gorke synonym. Its the way she walks that I noticed first. Her blue eyes, cascading brunette hair and perfect neckline all contribute to a vision of stunning beauty, but her walk. You cant tell much about a persons body in our fleet-issue jumpsuits, but you can tell a lot about her from the way she walks. Her stride is confident and strong, not typical of officers used to working in the reduced gravity of a fleep ship on patrol in deep space. Its the type of thing that sparks curiosity in a lonely junior officer. I know that her stride is a result of the time she spends working out in the many fitness and physical training areas of the ship. I shouldnt know this but I do. I hacked into the biometric scanners and security cams that monitor every room on the Ocasio-Cortez, using my privileges as the ships AI Interpreter. I noticed her the first week of our patrol, lithely working her way down a corridor during shift change and immediately looked up her datafile. Nobody knows the computers on this ship as well as I do. I wrote a sentient program that can show me what shes doing at any time, and reads out her vitals to my ocular terminal. I can see her elevated heartbeat in the corner of my vision now, and I know shes doing cardio on deck 6, on the stair simulator, maximum intensity. Shes watching a vintage television program from the 2020s on her ocular implant. Hacking ship systems is a capital offense. If caught, Ill be put in an airlock and shot out into space, where my frozen body will orbit the sun at a distance of 800 million kilometers for eternity with only the occasional passing asteroid for company. Its worth it. You can tell a lot about somebody from constantly monitoring their biometrics and data consumption. I know she does cardio during her mid-shift break, that she just added 5 kilos to her squat last week, and that she pays way too much attention to the political situation back on Earth, downloading and listening to news audiocasts as soon as they get beamed to the Cortez. I know that she increased the gravity in the indoor climbing gym to a factor of 1. 15. I know she loves her job working in the ships archives. She tries to go to sleep before 2300 hours and get up at 0530 but usually sleeps in an extra 15 minutes. I hacked her personal vidfeed as well, and was astounded to find out she regularly consumes pornographic material. She comes off as professional to the point of prudishness in her capacity as the ships archivist, so you wouldnt believe the things she likes to watch. The things we like to watch. Over the course of our year-long patrol Ive subtly changed the functionality of the algorithm that predicts the type of erotica that enters her vidfeed. I analyzed the pornvids she likes the most with the Cortezs tactical computer and used the artificial intelligence framework to subtly change them to suit my needs. I created a program that systematically manipulates her favorite vids in to suit my interests. I added hypnotic suggestion to the audio track outside the range of conscious perception, and utilized a form of hypnosis that relies on manipulating colors the human brain cant visually differentiate. I trained a computer to train her. To want me. This brilliant and highly illegal scheme has been months in the making. I am achingly close to it's conclusion. The last vid I put in her feed features an officer who looks suspiciously like me waiting for a woman who looks suspiciously like her in quarters that are suspiciously identical to hers. Shes watched it 28 times in the past 33 days, and her biometrics indicate multiple orgasms while doing so. Its almost time for me to conclude this magnificent experiment in technological and psychological manipulation. Its time for the final test of my plan. Ill be waiting in her quarters. Shell be startled to see me at first as the door shuts, then recognize the familiarity of the situation. It will be exactly what she wants. What I want. We cross the room to each other and I feel her hands on me as our lips meet. She runs them up my back, chest and face. The soft kiss that has lingered for a long moment intensifies and she presses her body into mine. A soft moan escapes her involuntarily and I respond in kind. She tilts her head as the kiss intensifies and her tongue enters my mouth, my hand behind her head gently pressing her into me. As we kiss my hands find her breasts, first over her lightweight off-duty tunic, then sliding underneath it to caress the smooth skin. When I find her nipples they are erect and I begin to stiffen. Pressed this close she surely notices me becoming erect. Another moan. this one more intense comes from her and I respond with a low growl, an animal sound that issues from deep inside me, a vocalization that says without words how much I want her at this moment. Time ceases to exist. Her hand finds my hardening cock and rub it gently over my pants as my mouth slides from hers and I run my tongue from the nape of her neck to her earlobe. She groans. In an instant she is pushing me onto my back on her bed, removing her shirt in the process. She is flawless. I start to pull my own shirt off and she helps me, throwing it aside. She climbs onto me and as she moves to kiss me our flesh meet for the first time as our chests touch. My heart is pounding in my ears. Her body undulates on mine as we kiss, my hand sliding down her back, hers down the front of my pants and feeling me, fully hard now. She wraps her fingers around the symbol of my attraction for her and a gasp issues from my open mouth. I feel her disengage from the kiss as she moves her mouth to my chest, her hair draping over my face and open mouth. Her lips find my stomach as her hands undo my pants, sliding them and my underwear down. Before I know it shes looking up at me from below my waist with my erection in her hand. Her blue eyes are filled with something close to hunger as she meets my gaze. Then she takes me in her mouth and my heart stops. Her lips and tongue caress me gently, exploring the shape of the head and shaft of my impossibly erect cock. Her gaze meets mine again, this time holding me in her mouth as her hand begins a stroking motion. I slide my hand through her hair and gently reinforce the cadence of her head as it begins to move up and down. I feel her shoulders and back, lingering on the feline strength of her physique. I am aware that she has slipped the rest of her clothes off her lower body and we are now naked together, her breasts gently brushing against the skin of my thighs. Soft sounds escape her mouth as she intensifies her movements, her hands grasping me more tightly. Suddenly I feel the urgent need to kiss her again, so I put a hand under her arm and pull her up to me. For a second her body stiffens, as if she is reluctant to cease in the action of pleasuring me, as if the act she is performing brings her as much pleasure as it does me, but she relents and comes to me, wiping the back of a hand reflexively across her mouth before meeting my kiss. The kissing reaches a new level of intensity. The explorative hesitation from before is gone as our tongues explore each other. She tilts her head and presses it into mine as if she wants to obliterate the distinction between our bodies. We remain pressed together as one as I roll her onto her back. I let her feel my weight pressing down on her as we both moan. My right hand moves from her breasts to below her waist and I feel the softness of the skin between her thighs, which part as my fingers find the warm wetness of her. A soft cry involuntarily escapes her mouth as my fingers find her clitoris. She is drenched in anticipation of the moment, and I feel her undulate slightly as I begin to massage her gently. Im surprised when seconds later she stops kissing me and shudders momentarily and I realize she just experienced an orgasm at the touch of my fingers. I press harder and she shudders again, looking me in the eyes for a moment then kissing me deeply, the intensity of her lips relaxed momentarily. She then resumes our kiss with the same earnestness as her hand finds my hardness again. I disengage the kiss and move my mouth to her breasts, lingering on each in time, firmly taking them into my mouth and savoring the texture of her hardened nipples. Her body contorts in literal waves that begin at her legs and move upward beneath me. Im so close to being inside her that the temptation to enter her at this moment is impossible to resist, but I have to taste her at this moment. I want nothing more than to feel the sensation of her reaching orgasm as before but with the sensitive skin of my tongue and lips pressed into her as she shudders. My tongue traces a line of wetness from her chest past her navel and she parts her legs fully for me. My hands reach the roundness of her upper thighs and my chest touches the cool fabric of the bed and I gaze into her. Unable to resist any longer the tip of my tongue touches her and I hear her gasp. I press my face into her. Her hand grasps the back of my head and we find a rhythm and before long she has another orgasm. I taste and feel the release of her as she comes, drops of her running down my chin into my facial hair. I pause my movement as the waves of pleasure rack her body, then resume with increased fervency. In this fashion, she comes again twice in short order. After the third orgasm I feel her looking down at me and meet her gaze. Her eyes are soft, cheeks flushed, mouth slightly parted from rapid exhalation. “I need you” she says. “I need you. ” Its the first thing weve ever said to each other. I feel her hands on my shoulders and back as I move up to her, our mouths practically wide open as they meet again. Her body evokes more than desire in this moment as we press against each other. Our bodies want each other, inexorably pushing us we kiss. I encountered her wetness for the first time, pulling my face back from our kiss and looking into her eyes as I enter her. She gazes into me, then her eyes involuntarily squeeze shut as I press further into her. I move slowly and pause halfway, but she pushes down on me, enveloping me in her warmth. Her eyes open to mine again as I fully enter her, and as I push the last bit she explodes with another orgasm. This time I feel not only her body contort but the rhythmic contractions of her around me as she gasps and moans, fingers scratching the skin of my back. For a moment we remain that way, pressed fully together at the waist, eyes locked at a distance of mere inches. Then I pull out slowly, feeling the reluctance of her flesh at losing the sensation of me fully inside her. Our lips meet as I begin to undulate and we establish a slow rhythm, our bodies finding a natural cadence. I am pulling almost all the way out of her, then thrusting back into her so forcefully her whole body rocks with the impact. Unable to concentrate on anything besides the sensation of our fucking, my lips leave her and I press my open mouth to her neck, exhaling deeply with each beat. We rock back and forth like that for a time, the metronome of our passion ticking off a steady, passionate tempo. I rise on my arms and look into her face as she gently absorbs the impact of my body, uttering curt nearly subvocal moans in time with me. I pause for a moment and then increase my speed. The gentle rocking becomes more fervent until I am pounding into her and sweat begins to gather on my skin and the hair of my brow. The room warms, the bed makes soft protestations and the collision of our bodies emits an soft audible clapping sound. The warmth and wetness of our passion soaks me as my tempo reaches a crescendo. My heartbeat is thunderous in my ears and my breath ragged as I pause for a moment, deep inside her. Our lips meet for a moment and linger tenderly, just touching. We regain our breath. As one, we roll our bodies over until she is straddling me. A sheen of moisture covers her body and perspiration moistens the hair on her neck as she leans back and closes her eyes. I feel her push me deeply into her, her legs folded so that our feet are intertwined. I touch her toes with mine and she curls them in acknowledgement before opening her eyes and beginning a rocking motion. As I look down at the point where our bodies touch there is no space between us as she moves on me, our skin sliding effortlessly with the slickness of our passion. Her slow movements intensify. I bend my legs slightly, tilting her body towards mine as my lips find her breasts again. I mouth each in time, caressing the other with one hand as the other slides down her back to grip her waist. I lose myself in pleasure, gyrating mindlessly into her. The taste of her sweat electrifies me. Pushing her even farther over me until her chest is pressed against mine again I begin to trust to meet her movements. We forget everything except for the sensation of this moment. The division of our bodies ceases to hold meaning and we function as one, two minds and one body experiencing this moment outside of time. I feel the encroaching wave of my body coming to climax and am powerless to resist. Our bodies are moving together so quickly I feel faint from the exertion, but still go faster and faster. I hear the gasping of her breath and know that we are going to come at the same time, that we are going to share this moment of release simultaneously. Our bodies are pushed together with her atop me, our mouths meeting, my arms grip her tightly around the waist guiding her onto me. And then it happens. I push into her one last time deeper than ever before and feel my warmth pour into her. Inside her I feel the beating of an orgasmic rhythm that echoes mine. She shudders and gasps so hard it sounds like breathless sob. My ears ring and my vision goes blurry. There are tears streaming from my eyes and my body reverberates with the exertion. I tighten my grip around her for a moment and then loosen it so she can lean back and look at me. Her eyes slowly open and lock onto mine and she lets out a deep sigh as the tension drains from her body. She collapses back onto me and we both breath deeply as I envelop her with my arms. I can feel her breathing on my chest deepen further and as my cognitive functions return to me and realize she's fallen asleep with me inside her. I mean to savor this moment but soon join her in unconsciousness, lulled to the sleep by the low thrum of the Ocasio-Cortezs engines.


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Ruszanie pod górkę z hamulca nożnego. "I tried to find one page I could spare that didnt have a lie on it. House Shredder Nancy Pelosi Merci, Pierre Delecto The Senate has voted to acquit President Trump on both articles of impeachment, bringing his rigged trial to a close along strict party lines, but for one remarkable Republican defection. In a historic display of backbone, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) voted to convict Trump on the charge of abuse of power. That made him the lone Republican to break ranks, and the first senator in American history to vote to convict a president of his or her own party. Explaining his upcoming vote on the Senate floor, Romney tore Trump apart: Corrupting an election to keep oneself in office is perhaps the most abusive and destructive violation of one's oath of office that I can imagine. Romney answered the question Adam Schiff asked in his closing argument —“Is there one among you who will say ‘enough. ”—and robbed Trump of the ability to claim that his impeachment was entirely partisan. Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) who watched Romneys speech with two other Democrats in the mostly empty chamber, grew emotional “because we all need to believe that this place can work, and this place can only work if individuals occasionally put country above party. And Mitt Romney just did that. ” The year is 2020 and Mitt Romneys making liberals cry on a Wednesday. What a journey, this crazy little thing called life. The White House was caught off-guard by the announcement and reportedly didnt know about interviews Romney had given reporters in advance of his vote before they were released. Trump abruptly canceled an Oval Office photo-op, probably so he could use the time to meditate quietly with his Zen garden. Ronna Romney McRomney McDaniel, the chairwoman of the RNC, had to disavow her own uncle to attest her undying loyalty to Trump. Other moderate Republicans are looking particularly pathetic right about now. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) said "the president's behavior was shameful and wrong, ” but still voted to acquit him. Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lamar Alexander (R-TN) have both made the creative claim that Trump, who continues to insist that hes done nothing wrong, has learned his lesson from impeachment and surely will never solicit election interference again. Collins revised that today, saying she doesnt “believe” that so much as “hope” that its true. We hoped youd have a spine, Susan, and look where that got us! Moderate Democrats made the hard choice where Republicans failed. Doug Jones (D-AL) Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) three vulnerable senators in red states, voted to convict Trump on both charges. They did their jobs, now its time for us to do ours: Help Jones, who is up for re-election this year, protect his seat → The impeachment process has formally ended, but the story is far from over. Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) said the House expects to continue its investigation and will likely subpoena John Bolton. New reporting on internal Pentagon emails, which show that officials were stunned by Trump's order to freeze military aid to Ukraine, came out just today. With the exception of Mitt Romney, all Republican senators have just signed their names in Sharpie under Trumps corruption and criminality. Look No Further Than The Crooked Media Have you gotten tickets to our tour yet? The time has come, friend. Come hang out with us → Under The Radar Last nights State of the Union address was one part tame campaign rally and one part reality show. Without ever explicitly mentioning impeachment, Trump made hideously dishonest claims about the economy, pledged to continue fighting abortion rights and gun restrictions, stoked xenophobic fears, and bragged about killing Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Qassem Suleimani with macabre anecdotes. The speech took a turn for the truly surreal when Trump introduced one of his guests—Americas loudest racist, Rush Limbaugh—and said that he would award Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom, but then had Melania award Limbaugh the medal right there during the speech. Three democrats walked out of the chamber in protest, and ten more boycotted the event entirely. Fred Guttenberg, the father of a Parkland shooting victim, was handcuffed and detained after he interrupted the proceedings. Guttenberg attended as one of House Speaker Nancy Pelosis guests, and said he was unable to keep his emotions in check when Trump first said that human life is “a sacred gift from God, ” then went on to declare that gun rights were “under siege all across our country. ” Guttenberg yelled out about his daughter Jaime, and was escorted out by security. Pelosi fittingly ripped up a printed copy of Trumps remarks at the conclusion of the address, a gesture that quickly went viral and which many Republicans are pretending to be mad about. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) delivered the Democratic Partys official rebuttal and used the opportunity to direct focus away from Trump, and towards Democrats policy agenda. What Else? The Trump administration is withholding 823 million for a clean energy program, according to congressional Democrats. Good thing Trump has learned his lesson, SUSAN MARGARET COLLINS. A 32-year-old U. S. citizen who was arrested by Border Patrol agents has died in government custody. CBP says the man was arrested as a suspect in “an alien smuggling incident. ” Ten passengers and a crew member from a cruise ship in Japan have been diagnosed with coronavirus. About 3, 700 people on the ship will be quarantined for two weeks, confined to their cabins. One person died and 157 more were injured when a plane skidded off the runway in Istanbul. The Boeing 737, landing in bad weather, ultimately crashed into a ditch and broke into pieces. Passengers climbed through gaps in the fuselage to escape. Juul targeted Native American tribes while pitching its products, according to a report by congressional investigators. In addition to marketing e-cigarettes to high school students, Juul admitted that it had pitched its products to the leaders of at least eight Native American tribes, and discussed a “switching program” for cigarette smokers. New York State eliminated real estate broker fees for renters. Housing regulators added the rule in an addendum to last years rent laws, catching landlords and lawmakers by surprise. Two butterfly activists have been found dead in Mexico in less than a week, both bearing signs of blunt force trauma. One of the activists, Homero Gómez González, was the founder of a monarch butterfly reserve, and had previously received death threats for his work to protect the land from logging. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did a big ol self-own with a Simpsons reference. Pompeo tried to mock Pelosi after the State of the Union by tweeting a picture of Lisa Simpson crying over torn paper, but the still is from an episode in which Lisa becomes disillusioned with politics after witnessing some bribery. Also a former Simpsons writer told Pompeo to fuck off. Florida police found a bag full of drugs labeled “Bag Full of Drugs. ” Thats it, thats the bag full of drugs. Hollywood legend Kirk Douglas has died. He was 103. Be Smarter The Iowa Democratic party continued to release results in batches through Wednesday afternoon. With 86 percent of the precincts reporting, Pete Buttigieg has taken the lead in state delegate equivalents, while Bernie Sanders is leading in first alignment vote totals. The candidates are already campaigning in New Hampshire ahead of next weeks primary, and the confusion around Iowas results means the field hasnt winnowed. Joe Biden took direct swings at Sanders and Buttigieg after finishing a disappointing fourth in Iowa, calling Sanders unelectable, and Buttigieg a risky, inexperienced choice. Should be a nice, mellow debate on Friday. What A Sponsor Shopping online is supposed to be easy, so why is finding working coupon codes so hard? It doesnt have to be if you have Honey. Honey is the free money-saving browser extension that makes online shopping (and your life) just a little bit easier. How does it work? Start by downloading Honey to your browser (it only takes a few seconds. Then, the next time you shop online, look for the dropdown box and click “Apply coupons. ” In moments, Honey will automatically search its database of all the working promo codes on the internet and apply them to your cart automatically. It works on over 30, 000 sites —like J Crew, Target, Sephora, eBay, Best Buy, Adidas, and Nordstrom—and will help you score the lowest price possible on things youre already buying anyway. In fact, its found its members over 2 billion dollars in savings. Thats probably why it has over 100, 000 five-star reviews on the Google Chrome store. Even if a store doesn't have active codes available, youll earn Honey Gold for qualifying purchases that you can redeem for free gift cards—that way, you save money no matter what. So do yourself a favor and get it now, so the next time you're buying online, you're ready to go. Your future self will thank you. Is That Hope I Feel? New York City will offer free mental health care to all new parents. Chirlane McCray, the creator and overseer of ThriveNYC, is leading a citywide effort to provide help to the one-in-five mothers who experience postpartum depression. Through the New Family Home Visits initiative, every first-time parent in the city will be eligible for at-home screenings for anxiety and postpartum depression. The initiative will also help connect mothers with mental health services. When the program has fully ramped by 2024, it will be the largest of its kind in the country. Enjoy Tony Giglio on Twitter. It took 16 years but this Onion story got it right.

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Pod g c3 b3rk c4 99 20. Pod g c3 b3rk c4 99 vs. Pod gore. Pod gorges du verdon. Pod g c3 b3rk c4 99 plus. I was feeling nostalgic and started replaying some older games that I loved when I was younger. Some were just as good as I remembered while others made me wonder why I ever liked them in the first place. The latter is likely due to changes in my preferences as I've aged, as well as, changes in game design over the years making some older games really feel antiquated due to lack of features and whatnot. FarCry 1. I was hyped for this game when the demo was released. It looked beautiful and I loved the combat. I must have played the demo beach level 30 times until the game finally came out. I even thought it was better than Half Life 2 which came out a few months later. The game still looks good and the combat and weapons hold up. But the AI hasn't. Even at the easiest difficulty, the enemy mercenaries and mutants with firearms are crack shots. When detected, I'm immediately taking damage from a soldier with a sub machine gun halfway across the map. It took me 20 tries to get past the aircraft carrier level where you climb up to the flight deck because there was an enemy helicopter with a gunner circling above the ladder you need to climb up to the deck who would immediately take down most of my health. And the stealth system is wonky and I'd be regularly detected when hiding under cover. No idea how I beat the game multiple times on the higher difficulty levels when I was younger. Sven Co-Op: I played so many hours into this Half Life 1 mod when I was younger. It's still supported and available for free on Steam. I downloaded it again and quickly uninstalled. Basically all the enemies are huge bullet sponges so you and your teammates are standing around unloading magazine after magazine into each enemy which I didn't really enjoy. Doom 3. Still looks good but oh boy is the character movement painfully slow. It was incredibly jarring since I replayed Doom 2016 shortly before playing Doom 3 and the slow movement speed made me abandon the game in short order. F. E. A. R. 1: still one of the best shooters of all time in my opinion. The gunplay and enemy encounters/scripting is fantastic and is superior to many games that have come longer after it. It somewhat makes me mad how games that have come long after FEAR have worse combat. Looking at you BioShock Infinite. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (with the unofficial patches) Still one my favorite RPG's. The combat isn't as refined as modern games and the sewer level is still bullshit but I love it as much as when I first played it. I'd love to hear examples of any games you guys think have or haven't held up over the years.


Pod górkę na nartach krzyżówka. Pod g c3 b3rk c4 99 9. Pod górkę cytaty. Pod g c3 b3rk c4 99 6. Pod gordes. Pod g c3 b3rk c4 99 4. Pod górkę po angielsku. Pod gorke na luzie. Pod gorke po ang. Pod g c3 b3rk c4 99 for sale. 1 1 Posted by 12 hours ago comment 100% Upvoted Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up Sort by no comments yet Be the first to share what you think! u/buzzmefast Karma 66 Cake day December 3, 2019 help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc 2020. All rights reserved.

Hi all, excited to start these again for this year. New year, new season and a fresh ladder to climb. This Sunday are going to hang out and play some ranked games on cockatrice. We'll be playing for about 3 hours. This time we'll be leading with the twitch stream instead of ending with it! So come watch! As always, the stream will be at. The stream will be starting at 4pm EST/1pm PST and from there we will play some ranked games for the rest of the time! What is this? Over in the cEDH discord we have a ranked league where we play games on cockatrice. More information on cockatrice here Cockatrice is a card game client where many of us play cEDH. Each year we do a ranked league and compete for points! Its super fun. We also have a practice league for just fun and no points, which is a great way to learn or try new decks! Cockatrice let's us grab new decks really easily and play, so its super fast to learn something from the cEDH decklist database What do I need to do to play? First off, join the discord and download cockatrice. Get a deck ready and be there once we start! We highly recommend playing some practice games prior to playing ranked. Fortunately, we have a very active group for practicing cockatrice and new decks. I'm not sure I'd like to play, is there any way to just watch? Absolutely! Join the server, and get set up on cockatrice. From there, once people are in game, you can spectate them through cockatrice. We will be starting off streaming some games over on to watch as a community as well. Do you play webcam games? We do not, we are pretty much focused solely on cockatrice games as it has many advantages for playing games and trying new decks quickly. However, if your heart is set on webcam, be sure to check out the cEDH Nexus discord server and PlayEDH server! Nexus: PlayEDH: If you have any additional questions, feel free to comment here or ask in the discord.

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